_The Brechin & District Charitable Trust







We are about to embark upon one of the most demanding and exciting challenges in the history of Brechin and the BDCT is the most economical vehicle through which to make progress. The lease of a property in the heart of the City has been secured, refurbishment works are complete and we opened for business in early May.

What is our business? Our targets and aims have been clearly identified within the Brechin 2005* initiative and we hope that this will unite our community and galvanise our efforts into bringing about a revitalisation of Brechin by year 2005. Our office will also act as a local and tourist information point and will be open throughout the year.

There is also a unique system in place whereby members of the public will have the opportunity to contact any of the officials from the Angus Council to register any concerns and comments and will be able to follow closely the progress of their enquiries. A facility will also be available whereby E - Mail messages can be transmitted and received.

This Internet site is a working site for the benefit of the communities of Brechin, Edzell and the Glens and will be managed by two people who are working on a job-sharing basis. The site will be updated on a daily basis. Development of the issues in the Brechin 2005* initiative will also be closely monitored and updated on a regular basis.

The needs of our Internet site will obviously alter as the site develops and the initial two months will be a liaison period whereby members of the business community and the public will have an opportunity to review the information that has been placed under the various directories. It is hoped that our web site will be fully developed by the end of July and we welcome your comments.

Our task will not be an easy one and will take time, however, we are confident of success and any contribution that you may wish to make to help defray the costs of this initiative would be very much appreciated. We can be reached by telephone 01356 622292. E - Mail bdct@brechin-angus.co.uk or by writing to the BDCT 30A High Street, Brechin, DD9 6ER. You can also make payment direct to Account Number 00113955 at the Bank of Scotland, Clerk Street, Brechin.