_The Brechin & District Charitable Trust - Brechin 2005 *







Short Term Wins
The BDCT is part of the newly formed City of Brechin Partnership.
* Denotes issues submitted by other groups
1. Handout leaflets
  a. "What's on" in Brechin and District
b. Free city centre map indicating places of interest etc
c. Coloured brochure of places of interest
d. Leaflet indicating all Brechin businesses
e. Walks in and around Brechin f. Fishing, bird watching & shooting
2. Parking
3. City Centre Enhancements
  a. Increased attention to litter, chewing gum, graffiti etc.
b. Traffic Calming
c. Replace Church Street Cobbles
d. Signage at Pictavia & elsewhere
e. Boarded up properties to be decorated with murals *
f. Survey of Commercial and Residential buildings within the conservation area
g. Architectural and historical survey of all listed buildings
h. Illumination of historically important buildings
4. Incentives required to attract further retail businesses to the City
  a. Reduction in rent/rates for an initial period
b. Target the sale or rent of businesses to local people
c. Encourage relocation from periphery
d. Form a co-operative to achieve maximum reductions
e. Strengthen BBA & reform Angus Business Association
f. Specialist shops
g. Live musical street entertainment
h. Hanging Baskets - Annual requirement - now in place
i. Professional help to market Brechin as a centre of shopping excellence
5. Promote Brechin
  a. Locally
b. In Angus and Tayside
c. The North East
d. Scotland and the rest of the UK
e. Internet
f. Advertise in specialist magazines *
6. Miscellaneous Items
  a. Upgrade plaque of Sir Robert Watson Watt's birthplace *
b. Remove paint spillage from High Street (East)
c. Enhance City Entrances with tree-lined avenues and traffic calming
d. Street Market - Angus Farmer's Market should be shared around Angus
e. Empty Retail Units - Supply quarterly updates
f. Investigate the need for a community centre
7. Consult & support local groups & youth initiatives
  a. Brechin Wheeled Sports Project
b. Angus Arts *
c. Cathedral
d. Caledonian Railway
e. Merchants House
f. Maisondieu Preservation Trust
8. The Old Town House
a. Immediate temporary display in frontage that faces the High Street with posters to let the public know of this exciting new initiative
b. Area to be designated for permanent exhibition of old photographs etc and for the return of all other items that have been moved to Montrose, Forfar and elsewhere. Also for other items that may be donated by the general public
c. Area to be designated for travelling exhibitions and for exhibitions by local groups or individuals
d. Tourist office
e. Office for Partnership co-ordinator, administration, events diary etc.
f. Initial exhibition of the life and work of Sir Robert Watson Watt with a view to a permanent exhibition within it's own building.
g. An attempt should be made to bring the current Watson Watt exhibition to the Brechin Town House. This exhibition is due to end at the Imperial War Museum
h. Immediate costs to be obtained for decoration, toilet facilities, heating and lighting
i. Instruct initial historical research of the Old Town House and buildings to rear - small debtors' court etc.
j. Arts Festival *
a. Write plays of past trials etc for street theatre
b. Research history of central Brechin & write scripts for the purpose of guided tours
c. Genealogical research - graveyard records - storage of old title deeds
d. Small Debtors' Courts, Black Hole, Warders' Quarters and Cells
e. Restore the building to its original use.
f. Determine how the building inter-related with adjacent buildings and in particular The Old Jailhouse
9. Project Manager